• How long do we need to get used to the operation?

    We’ll supervise you in two or three days after you got the machine. It’s easy to fulfill the requirements even if those who aren’t good at the machine.

  • Do you specify film material or supplier of them?

    No, we don’t, but the material must be suitable for the machine.

  • Can we use what kind of film material?

    Most of material can be used because machines are selected depending on the material by us.

  • Can we use the film we are using?

    No problem for ‘pillow’ wrapping machines, but some films may not be suitable for the direction of folding process regarding fold wrapping machines.

  • What is wrapping speed ?

    It varies depending on the models, but available from 7 bags to 350 bags per minute.

  • How many days do you need for delivery?

    Standard for about 60 to 90 days but special models for 80 to 120 days. It varies depending on terms and conditions, so please contact our overseas sales staff.

  • What is the life of the machine?

    It’s for about 15 to 20 years but microcomputer for about 10 years.

  • What part is required for cleaning and maintenance?

    Sealing portion is required for cleaning, and driving and slide portion for lubrication.

  • How easy can we clean the machine?

    In-feed flat belt conveyors are easily detachable and end sealers are designed to be cleaned easily up to the heater in bottom of the box 。

  • Do you make contracts for maintenance and/or regular inspection ?

    No, we don’t, but available upon user’s request.

  • Can we buy any spare parts ?

    Yes, you can. Spare parts such as cutter blades and the belts must be replaced periodically.

  • How can we pay for the machine?

    Please contact overseas sales staff.

  • Can you suggest environments suitable for the use?

    Dried condition is the best but it depends on the industry

  • Where’s your factory?

    In Konan city, Shiga prefecture

  • How many employees do you have?

    About 70 staff members.

  • How many sales offices in Japan do you have?

    7 offices including a headquarters in Japan. In addition, we have a China office in Shanghai.

  • How can you provide after-sale service?

    Overseas sales staff will support you by phone and e-mail. We have some distributors in some countries, so please contact overseas sales staff in details.

  • When did you establish this company?

    In 1970. 45 years have passed since then.

  • How many machines have you supplied annually?

    About 300 to 350 machines have been sold annually in Japan and .


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