Wrapping machine for leafy and long vegetables


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  • Compact
  • Easy operatino
  • End sealer Guillotine


Wrapping the variaty of vegertables
The adjustment of center sealer portino height enables this machine to wrap bulky vegetables. In addition, standard guide plate prevents leaf from getting caught in center sealer portion.
Reliable wrapping for wide vegetables
It can deal with various kinds of vegetables because Max. film width is 600mm.
Printer is available (Option)
Making it possible to print producer’s name and numbers.
Prevention of empty bags by sensor
Item detector sensor installed as standard type enables the machine ot make less waste empty bags.

Several examples of wrapping items

  • Leafy vegetables
  • Short vegetables

*The above descriptions are just examples of the commodity which has really been packed by our machines. As we strive to meet your demand, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • ・Printer device
  • ・Gusset device
  • ・Adjustable bag former
  • ・One-side open pack


Dimensions L:1965 W:720 H:1425(mm)
Wrapping speed 10-20(pcs/min)
Max. film speed 16(m/min)
Max. film width 600(mm)
Max. film dia. 250(mm)
Max. item size (H) 130(mm)
Max. item width (W) 280(mm)
Film cut length 150-500(mm)
Power consumption Three-phase 2.4
Weight 300(Kg)

*This specifications may vary depending on shapes, dimensions, materials and properties of using film. Please note that they may be changed without notice.


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