High-end model of our lineup


Descriptions of each icon are displayed when overlayered the icon

  • Sanitary
  • Item Parameters 100
  • Film tension on Panel
  • M-heater
  • Full-color touch panel
  • Servomotor5
  • Film roll centering
  • End sealer Box-motion
  • Shrink wrapping


Renewal of software system
We offer all of you a new software system with high performance.
*The new system improved control accuracy two times than the previous one.
New icons enable operators to use the touch panel more efficiently, and we have been striving to aim at a global standard.
Enhancement of sealing performance
The structure of the center sealer and end sealer was renewed to adapt various film materials.In the end sealer portion, you can adjust sealing pressure, time, temperature respectively to meet various film materials. The center sealer installs two servo motors to wrap products more tightly and have the machine work precisely.
Previous convenient functions are taken over.
In addition to the detachable and washable conveyor, PACS (Polystar Automatic Cut-through System), PEPS (Polystar Empty bag Prevention System), and PAMS (Polystar Auto Measure System) are available.

Several examples of wrapping items

  • Bakery
  • Japanese confectionery
  • Western confectionery
  • Fish paste
  • Delicates
*The above descriptions are just examples of the commodity which has really been packed by our machines. As we strive to meet your demand, please do not hesitate to contact us.


*[PACS] and [PAMS] are patented.


Dimensions L:4,312 W:1,073 H:1,650(mm)
Wrapping speed 10-120(pcs/min)
※It varies depending on the using film and wrapping products.
Max. film speed 30 (m/min)
Max. film width 500(mm)
Max. film dia. 300(mm)
Max. item size (H) 80(mm)
Max. item width (W) 180(mm)
Film cut length 100-600(mm)
Power consumption 3 phase 5.5 (KVA)
Weight 1,200(Kg)
Air consumption 0.5(Mpa) 100 L/min (ANR)
* This specifications may vary depending on the shapes, dimensions, materials and properties of using film. Please note that they may be changed without notice.


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