Our original technology

Our original technology

We always have been developing our technology to wrap items safely and reduce waste and proposing a variety of options to meet our valuable customers’ needs.

PAMSFunction to measure the appropriate wrapping length automatically

PAMSPolystar Auto Measure SystemPATENTED

PAMS is an innovative automatic packing system, which can measure and pack items in optimal length automatically even though they vary each in length (such as bread and vegetable), if only you start to feed items without measuring operation of their length.

  • Not necessary to operate any change even if the items vary each in length. Automatic efficient packing can be realized if only you start to feed items on the machine ※Limited only for using plain films.
  • Items in various length can be packed without any care of their flow because PAMS can calculate and cut films in optimal length according to items automatically.
  • In PAMS mounted machine, packing system can be changed on every item data from normal packaging of cutting in a certain length. So you can choose optimal packing style (100 kinds of item data stored).
  • In normal packing system till now, cutting length of the bag is set by the longest of them. PAMS can finish according to each of them, so you can save films and cut cost for them.
  • Most suitable packing system for items in variable length such as vegetables, bread and so on.

It’s not adapted when you use it under the normal packing system.
Printers can’t be used together.
PACS (Polystar Automatic Cutting-through System) can’t be used together.
Wrapping speed is calculated by film speed and vary in the output according to the length.
The item passed through the sensor without being detected can’t be packed because they are packed by measuring length through the item detection sensor (photoelectric sensor)

PACSFunction to prevent from jamming

PACSPolystar Automatic Cut-through SystemPATENTED

Polystar Automatic Cut-through System「PACS」
PACS observes the position of items inside the bag to prevent from Jamming of them. if the sensor detects them misplaced, PACS will stop end sealer temporarily and discharges them in one long bag without any flaws. (PACS)

PEPSFunction to prevent from unnecessary empty bags

PEPSPolystar Emptybag Prevention System

Polystar Emptybag Prevention System「PEPS」
When items are not supplied, the packing operation will be automatically stopped to prevent from using unnecessary packing films (PEPS). The combination of using PACS and PEPS can help more efficient packing.


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